2019 Family Reunion (Bloomington, IL)

As always, our family reunion began with the Meet & Greet on Friday night. We had such a good time catching up with our family that some of us have not seen since the last family reunion 2 years ago. It can’t be said enough, but a big “Thank you!” Bob and Ester for opening up your home and the small oasis, you call your back yard so that we could fellowship. Everything was wonderful!

When Saturday arrived, our festivities relocated to Leslie and Ricki’s apartment complex for a pool party and potluck in the pool/club house. You can’t tell us that we weren’t going to or didn’t have good time. We had good food, good music, great company, refreshing pool, games and big laughs. We honestly have the best time when we get together!

From the arrival to our departure, we just enjoyed each other's company. Just as quickly as it began, it was all over. Our family reunion came to a close with a farewell breakfast. But...ended on a high note; wishing we could have more time.


We Welcome You 2017

​Here are some of the first welcoming sights that greeted our family as we were arriving for the 2017 Sloan-Hester Family Reunion:)

Mingling in the Hospitality Room 2017

​We were fortunate to have use of one of the ball rooms for a hospitatlity room. We made great use of it serving meals, hanging out and talking with cousins we haven't seen in what seems like forever, playing games, and just having a good time.

Saturday Cookout at Camp Clark Williamson 2017

​This was my favorite day out of our weekend together. We had gorgeous weather to accompany the tranquil and beautiful surroundings of the camp. We walked the trails and viewed the lake from the bridge enjoying the sunshine, blue skies, and calm breeze. Some of our family members were able to partake in a friendly game of Corn Hole, while others shot a few hoops or just blew bubbles. We ate too much and laughed too hard. Most importantly, we recognized family members who had new accomplishments as well as the veterans in our family. Quite simply, it was a good day:)

Free Time 2017

​Who doesn't need a little free time to relax and have fun the way you see fit? And what better way than by making a splash at the pool or by going bowling or watching a movie with the family.

Farewell Brunch at The Old Country Store 2019

​Sunday was our final day of the family reunion and we went to The Old Country Store at the Casey Jones Villiage to share our final meal together before parting ways and saying our goodbyes.